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Space Gladiators is a top-down twin-stick arena shooter in a pixelated science-fiction-setting, playable by four players via gamepad on one PC. Use different strategies to beat the Boss monster and become the last man standing.


Genre: Arena Twin-Stick-Shooter

Platform: PC/Mac/Linux

Target Group: 12+ Party player & retro fans


Local Multiplayer

Average Playtime: 5 minutes

Space Gladiators combines typical versus arena game and co-op game mechanics. The players start as one of four Space Gladiators, fighting each other with laser guns. After a certain time the Boss monster appears and starts to attack the players. In order to beat the Boss they need to combine their firepower.

Upon defeating the Boss one player acquires a big reward: The Uberweapon. It mimics the Bosses' main attack in terms of look, damage and powers.

The arena changes dynamically during a round. There are cover objects on the map, which can be destroyed by the boss or the player holding the Uberweapon.

The game is separated into three different phases: 1. The Pre-Boss-Phase, 2. the Boss-Phase and 3. the Post-Boss-Phase.

The gameplay in the first phases consists of pure versus elements: The players try to kill each other and get a high kill count. The second phase starts with the spawning of the Boss. In this phase the players need to work together to beat the bigger threat. Taking too long and not cooperating properly with each one can lead to game over. In this case the Boss wins and the players lose all together. If the players succeed in defeating the Boss the leading player gets the Uberweapon. This is when the third phase begins. Respawns are deactivated and the last man standing wins the game.

Space Gladiators mimics the look of a retro console game. It reminds the player of games from the 8-bit or 16-bit era, but is more fast-paced. The game features a lot of visual effects to increase the lively feeling and to ensure the player gets the right feedback for his actions.


spacegladiators.zip 20 MB

Install instructions


- 4 players with each one Controller (gamepads like XBOX or Logitech F310 prefered)


- For the best experience set graphics to fantastic and resolution to 1440x900

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